Surgical Drapes

We produce a great variety of drapes to meet your needs as we believe the most comfortable and safe drapes bring out the best performance in any procedure.

Our drapes are divided into 2 different groups :

Simple Drapes
Different sizes of fan-folded drape sheets to be used according to your needs. They can be used in various settings: day surgery, operating theatre, etc. Many options to suit your requirements.

Key Sheets
Drapes used for specific surgical procedures. Using advanced technologies and material design, we produce a great range of drapes (either individual or specialised packs) to comply with the needs of surgeons.

Surgical Drapes

  • Cardiovascular Drapes
  • Eye Drapes
  • Gastroenterol Drapes
  • Gynaecology Drapes
  • Neuro Drapes
  • Orthopedic Drapes
  • Pery-gyn Drapes
  • Simple Drapes
  • Thyroid Drapes
  • Urology Drape