Surgical Gown

We produce different types of gowns with varying characteristics, including different degrees of barrier performance, safety, reliability, comfort, economics, free linting property, and strength/resistance to suit the needs of users in various settings.

All our products are latex-free. Our gowns are designed with larger cuttings and generous chest width.

  • Surgical Gowns (I)
  • Surgical Gowns (II)
  • Our Reinforced Gowns
  • SGX-002M-Suprel Gowns
  • BVB Gowns
  • BVB Urology Gowns
  • SIG-001B Isolation Gowns Blue/ Yellow
  • Scrub Suits
  • Nurses Protective Aprons
  • Patient’s Gowns
  • Examination Gowns