Bio Compostable Plastic

Our compostable resins are biodegradable materials that meet international standards for compostability, including: 

- Europe’s EN 13432
- USA’s ASTM D 6400
- Japan’s GreenPla
- Australia’s AS 4736
Derived from renewable resources, Our compostable resins are soft touch, colourable and printable. 

Home Compostable Carry Bag

Our Home Compostable Carry Bag are:
- Durable and Tear resistance
- No Odors
- Certified biodegradable and compostable
- Proven industrial composting and home composting 

Home Compostable
Garbage Bag

To be deemed compostable, resins must be independently tested and certified as meeting these four performance standards:
- Very low content of heavy metals in the plastic – must meet standards set by each country
- The product must disintegrate into small fragments when placed into compost – 90% of the bag must be in fragments less than 2 mm in size within 3 months of being placed into compost
- The bag must biodegrade to CO2 and water within 180 days of being placed in compost
- The biodegradation of the bag must not have any harmful effects on the soil, plants or wildlife, with tests using plants and earthworms

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