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  2. Warnings - Though FUKUSHOW exercises the utmost care in publishing the information for this Website, it cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy, usefulness or appropriateness this information. FUKUSHOW cannot accept any responsibility for any damage occurring as a result of the use of this Website. The information made public on this Website is subject to change or cancellation without prior notification to our customers. This publication of this Website may be suspended or stopped due to unavoidable reasons.
  3. Copyrights - Information such as text, images, and voice provided by FUKUSHOW (hereinafter referred to as “the Content”) is the property of FUKUSHOW or its subsidiaries or affiliates, which possess the rights for their publication. Some of the copyrights for externally consigned productions may belong to authors other than FUKUSHOW. In principal, the copyrights for such copyright works revert to their respective authors. Individual customers may download this content for their use and save or print it out on their personal computers; however, they may not reproduce it on other websites or printed media. This content may not be used without permission outside of the other scopes authorized by the Copyright Act.
  4. Trademarks  - The names FUKUSHOW Internaional and FUKUSHOW International Products inserted into this content are registered trademarks or trademarks of the FUKUSHOW or our subsidiaries or affiliates. Other proper nouns, such as product names that have been indicated are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
  5. Links - The following are requested in regard to FUKUSHOW’s links to WEB sites. If you would like to make a link to our site, please contact us. Please clearly indicate that it is the FUKUSHOW home page, linking to it from such link text as, “Fukushow International ” “Fukushowinter”. Please contact us before use of the FUKUSHOW logo or the corporate design, as is, on link buttons or the like. Be sure to set the links, such that a new browser is opened and the FUKUSHOW Web site is displayed. Please be aware that FUKUSHOW’s URL is subject to change without prior notice. Do not use a linkage procedure that could harm the reputation of FUKUSHOW. In the event FUKUSHOW should request that you discontinue a link for any reason, the linked must be cancelled. 
  6. Protection of personal information - “Personal information refers to information serving to identify an individual customer, such as the address, telephone number and mail address received FUKUSHOW’s Website that is unique to the individual customers. Collection of personal information Personal information collected through FUKUSHOW’s Website is in principle provided (recorded) voluntarily and the objective of its collection is made clear to the customer in advance. Personal information is collected to the extent it is required to achieve an objective that has been made clear to the customer. When a customer does not wish to provide (record) personal information provided for FUKUSHOW, the customer may refuse to provide it at his or her own discretion. In such instances, it may not be possible for the services at our Website to be utilized. Management of personal information The personal information collected from the customer will be rigorously managed by the persons responsible for the management of each Website and the appropriate measures have been devised to prevent misuse, such as divulgence, diversion or tampering. 
  7. SSL(Secure Socket Layer) - To this site, the Global Server ID of the VeriSign is adopted for privacy protection of a visitor. It is protected with advanced security by 128-bit SSL encryption communication.

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