Network Engineering Consulting / Planning / Installation  

Election wiring and construction of network and telecommunication line equipment (eg computer systems, digital communication lines)

1. Choose the type and material of the circuit according to the engineering wiring diagram  
2. Erecting, maintenance, inspection, repair, etc. of overhead, underground power, telecommunication transmission wires, cables, and network cables  
3. Enterprise internal system planning and development of MIS system functions to meet enterprise needs  
4. Maintain company network and data, and carry out backup work, and anti-virus  
5. To meet the needs of information operations, go to each unit to handle connection-related operations and troubleshooting  
6. Be responsible for the integration and maintenance of various information systems and testing 
7. Responsible for the management of security systems such as Fire Wall, IDS and anti-virus software to prevent leakage of company secrets and improper use of computers by employees  
8. Improvement and import of internal website system  
9. Regular line inspection, testing and maintenance

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