Surgical Patties

Where Is Surgical Patties Used? and what is a Cottonoid?

A Cottonoid® is another world for a neurosurgical pattie or neuro pattie for short. The word Cottonoid® was a brand of neuro patties by Johnson and Johnson company and was the first well-known brand of neuro patties( now called Codman Cottonoid®). Today, surgeons and medical staff alike still call neuro patties Cottonoids as slang, but the neuro pattie or cottonoids of today are made out of rayon. In fact, the only 100% US cotton patties are called Americot. Cottonoid® is a registered trademark of Integra Lifesciences.

Neuro patties are a rayon sterile pledget used for hemostasis and soft tissue protection. They are x-ray detectable and have a locator string attached. They are soaked in saline prior to use. Neuro patties are not thrown away when soiled like larger type sponges. They are kept on the sterile field and discarded in a different location due to the fact that they must be accounted for at all times during and after the procedure. Counting Neuro patties after a procedure is a requirement and holds legal responsibility. The final count is recorded right away to prevent error and the person recording the count puts their initials by the numbers.

Who uses Cottonoids?

Neuro patties are most commonly used by neurosurgeons, spine surgeons, ENT surgeons, and orthopedic surgeons. Neuro patties come in various sizes and types, depending on the surgeon’s preference and the procedure.


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