For Super-micro surgery, Made in Japan

- world' s smallest suture with needle -


Kono Seisakusho manufactures microsurgery needles with attached micro nylon suture thread, in a range of sizes from USP 8-0 to USP 12-0.
We manufacture the smallest suture needles in the world—USP 12-0 microsurgery needles (0.8 mm in length, 30 µm in diameter) with attached micro nylon thread. Since their development in 2004, they have earned high praise from microsurgery professionals performing blood vessel and nerve reconstruction under 3–20 power magnification.
The high quality of our USP 11-0, 10-0, and 9-0 suture needles is underpinned by our technical capacity for manufacturing high quality USP 12-0 suture needles.
Most doctors performing microsurgeries in Japan use our suture needles.

Lymphaticovenous anastomosis
Lymphedema treatment
Perforator flap surgery
Breast reconstruction
Hepatic arterial anastomosis
Liver transplantation
Digital replantation
Transplant surgery

Tsuge Looped Suture

The greatest advantage of the Tsuge suture is that minimal disruption of blood circulation inside the tendon compared with other procedures, which promotes the healing of the suture area.
In 1975, Professor Kenya Tsuge of the University of Hiroshima published a technique for repairing tendons using loop suture needles, a technique that became known as“Tsuge suture.”
Tsuge looped suture needles were developed by Kono Seisakusho as a tool for making Tsuge sutures at the request of Professor Kenya Tsuge.
These needles have been used along with Tsuge sutures by surgeons around the world for over 40 years.

Flexor tendon repair
Flexor tendon injuries
Tendon transplantation
Whole hand surgery

Microsurgery Training set (unsterile)

This is a specialized training set for microsurgery and you can use it in dry laboratory and animal laboratory. Microsurgery technics including anastomosis of very small blood vessels or lymph vessels under a microscope require considerable practice. We have prepared a high-quality training set so that you can practice microsurgery operations more easily. It comes from USP 12-0 to 8-0 in suture size and from 50μm to 150μm in needle diameter.

Background Sheet

Background sheet makes easy to distinguish between the micro sutures (10-0, 11-0 etc.) and the blood vessels by underlay the sheet at the time of microsurgeries.

- Reasons why Super Micro Sheet K is chosen -
1. It can be measured the lymph channels and the tiny blood vessels.
2. It is easy to insert under the blood vessels because of the pointed top.
3. Easy to measure precisely vessels because of measurement calibrations.
  Helpful for preventing forgetting to measure.
  ※ Scale Resolution・・・0.2mm~1.0mm
4. Useful for making materials by taking a picture.

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